Miami-Dade County Commissioners override mayor's veto

Worker pay restored

MIAMI - Miami-Dade County commissioners voted 9-4 on Tuesday to override Mayor Carlos Gimenez's veto and now restored 26,000 county workers' pay.

Employee pay was cut by 5 percent four years ago as a result of the recession and that money went to group health care costs. Now those employees will be able to get that money back.

Overriding the mayor's veto is twofold. While tens of thousands of employees will get that 5 percent back, it will now result in a $56 million hole in the county's operating budget that is currently being spent.

Jackson Health System CEO Carlos Migoya says that the commission's decision is not what the hospital was looking for. Now, the hospital will have to find $18 million in their public budget, at least $7 million more than what was expected.

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