Miami FOP statement on fired officer

Officer Goyos is being represented by the Miami Fraternal Order of Police. Officer Goyos is not being fired for breaking the law or breaking the rules. He is being fired strictly because of politics within the City of Miami. A Federal Agent that was driving the police vehicle in this incident put Officer Goyos in harms way. The driver that was fatally shot did not follow the Officer's commands and reached for a dark object that was perceived to be firearm, giving the Officer every reason to use deadly force. It's easy to Monday morning quarterback the police when you don't wear a badge and a gun. My heart goes out to the deceased and his family. However, when you don't follow the directives of law enforcement, you have made a decision to place yourself in a very dangerous situation. There is no doubt that Officer Goyos will get his job back. The Miami Fraternal Order of Police will be behind him every step of the way.


Javier Ortiz, President

Miami Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #20