Moms-to-be plan elaborate baby showers

Couples spending thousands

MIAMI - More moms-to-be are planning elaborate baby showers.

"Go ahead and spend a couple thousand here and there," said Jessica Campbell, who is 8-months pregnant. "Some people spend their money on clothes and handbags. I like to put my money into events, so this is my splurge."

Campbell spent $5,000 on her ritzy baby shower that includes floral arrangements and performance acts.

"Anything that we can really think of that my husband will allow me to incorporate will be a part of this baby shower," she said.

Campbell owns Lavish Soiree Weddings & Events. Event-planning is her passion.

"I just feel like everyone should get excited about life and the milestones in life and why not do it with gatherings where you can convene with your loved ones and plan fun parties and do it in opulent ways," she said.

Jackie Fernandez with Jackie Ohh Events planned Chris and Adrienne Bosh's baby shower last year.

"In the last maybe two years, the baby shower business has gone crazy," she said. "We are getting calls all the time."

Fernandez said weddings used to be her big business.

"After your wedding and after your bridal shower and everything else, you kind of want to throw another party just like it, and then to celebrate life is just another reason to have a party," she added.

Raffi Groez, a florist in Miami, said modern-day moms-to-be want something special and unique for their baby showers.

"I think people are trying to find ways to celebrate and looking for excuses to have a party," he said.

"People spend their money on what is important to them and I think it's important to -- even before your children are born -- to show them how excited you are about them," Campbell added.

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