Reporter hit by SUV while on live TV gets up and finishes story

A reporter in West Virginia was live on air when a car struck her, but she continued the broadcast anyway.

A reporter at the scene of a water main break at a TV station in West Virginia was struck by an SUV while she was on live television.

WSAZ-TV reporter Tori Yorgey was on location in Dunbar, W.V. and, while speaking into the camera, was hit by a silver SUV.

She told anchor Tim Irr after the incident as she got back up on her feet: “I just got hit by a car, Tim, but I’m OK.”

Yorgey told Irr she had been hit by a car in college, too.

She is also seen talking to the driver who accidentally hit her.

The reporter, who was shooting her own video and did not have a camera person with her, was checked out at a hospital after the hit and is reportedly just fine.

It’s unclear whether the driver who hit the reporter will face any legal trouble.

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