Caught on camera: Police chase interrupts golf game; 2 arrested

A police chase near Houston passed through a golf course, much to the surprise of those who were in the middle of a game.

HOUSTON, Texas. – A deputy pursuit interrupted a game of golf near Houston, Texas, and it was all caught on camera.

Video shows deputies chasing a driver in a black Range Rover through a golf course last Tuesday.

Investigators say it all started when the driver sped off after deputies tried to pull over the SUV.

The suspect then ditched the car and an assault rifle in a nearby neighborhood, authorities said.

“We are warming up before the round and the last thing we expected to see is -- after we hit a drive out and admiring the distance -- is a Range Rover comes flying over the top of the hill,” Philip Morgan, who took the video, said. “It was the best start to a round of golf that I’ve had in a long time. Much more entertaining than my score usually is.”

Gray Martinez, 20, is arrested in his swim trunks following a police chase in Texas. (WPLG)

The driver, 20-year-old Gray Martinez, was eventually arrested.

A passenger in the SUV, identified as Trevor Passmore, 19, was also arrested.

Deputies say despite the chaos, no one was hurt.