NBA Finals help fuel sleep deprivation

Games create anxious anticipation, fuel excess drinking, say experts at Cleveland Clinic Sleep Center

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MIAMI - If you're struggling the morning after NBA Finals games, you're not alone.

Local 10's Jen Herrera's early morning schedules makes it challenging to keep her head up on any given day, but the nail biter of a series between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs hasn't helped matters.

Sleep experts say big events like the finals can create anxious anticipation and fuel excess drinking, making it harder to sleep.

"Sleep deprivation, besides causing sleepiness, causes problems with concentrating, focusing on a job that has to be done, attention span is shorter, and the ability to do simple tasks and respond quickly -- that'll all be diminished," said Dr. Laurence Smolley, the medical director of the Cleveland Clinic Sleep Center.

Herrera underwent testing at the Cleveland Clinic Sleep Center.

"Well, I'm not a doctor, but based on the preliminary results, you have a major case of basketball brain," said Patrick McMahon, manager of the Cleveland Clinic Sleep Center.

"Let's hope they win this and it's all worth it," replied Herrera.

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