New details revealed in fatal officer-involved crash

Police blame off-duty officer

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. - Nearly six months after a woman was killed in a crash involving a former Coral Springs police officer, who was accused of driving drunk, some critical evidence in the case has come to light. 

Photos: Evidence released

Jennifer Gutierrez, 23 had a smile and energy that attracted a wealth of friends. She was on her way to visit a friend on the night a car slammed into the side of her BMW on LeJeune Road in Coral Gables. 

Photos show the aftermath of a crash that would claim Gutierrez's life four days later.

Her mother said her loss still haunts her and Gutierrez's 4-year-old daughter. The child was not in the car that night, despite the fact that a baby seat was found at the scene. 

Local 10 has learned that speed, alcohol and drugs came together to cause the deadly collision, according to investigators. 

Peter Munoz, an off-duty Coral Springs officer at the time, was behind the wheel of the other car. He gave his story to investigators in newly released audio recordings. 

"She just -- the vehicle jumped into my lane and I had no chance to react. All I remember is making impact and the aftermath after," Munoz said. 

Investigators would later find out that Munoz had been drinking and had a blood alcohol level of nearly three times the legal limit. 

"I don't think I had a chance to hit my brakes because it was that sudden, out of nowhere," Munoz said on the tape. 

Drugs were also found in Gutierrez's system. But detectives blamed the off-duty officer drinking and speeding. 

"He should pay for what he did," Gutierrez's mother said.

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