New, old Broward sheriffs meet

Outgoing Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti meets with successor Scott Israel

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - They walked in side by side, left shaking hands and in-between swapped compliments. For Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti and Sheriff-elect Scott Israel, this was a far cry from what people were used to seeing when these two got together or spoke about one another.

On Monday, the two political opponents, once embroiled in a bitter battle, appeared to make peace -- meeting privately for an hour to iron out details of a transition.

"We had a professional, productive conversation," Israel told a room full of reporters. "I asked Sheriff Lamberti for a document or two and he told me his staff would work on it immediately."

Tension certainly seemed to have eased.  

"Very professional discussion about pitfalls and things that he's going to be hit with immediately," Lamberti said of the talks. "We look forward to continuing that transition to make sure it is a smooth and orderly one."

Israel did provide some insight as to what's ahead, saying there would be changes at the top, specifically at the level of colonel and commanders.

"Obviously, we're going to be building a little bit of a different staff," said Israel. "Most people will not be affected, but certainly, as any leader, I need to bring in people that I'm comfortable with, that I've worked with before, that I'm familiar with. But, to use terms like 'significant' or 'blood bath' -- no, nothing like that."

Israel will be sworn in as sheriff January 8th, 2013.

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