'No Children' sign angers shoppers

Shop owner doesn't think kids belong in her design store

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ATASCOCITA, Texas - There are some places kids don't belong.

Nuclear power plants or the House of Glass come to mind.

But for one shop owner, her interior design store belongs on the list.

Karen Tedford owns the Interior Design Warehouse in Atascocita, Texas and she has angered a bunch of families by posting a "No Children Please!!!" sign outside her front door.

According to KTRK, Tedford is not anti-kid, she just doesn't think they should be inside her place of business.

But that excuse hasn't gone over well with parents who have been kicked to the curb because of the store's policy.

"We walked in, we weren't touching anything, and immediately, we were shunned away," said stay-at-home mom Ashlee.

Experts KTRK spoke with said it's within Tedford's rights to ban anyone she wants from her store as long as it is justified.

Despite all the complaints, Tedford, who won't even let her own grandchildren into the store, says she's standing her ground and will continue to ban children under the age of 10.

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