Officer Accused Of Lying On Timesheets

Lieutenant Demoted After Officer-Involved ATV Crash

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - A Miami Beach police lieutenant who was demoted in the fallout from an officer-involved ATV crash in July is now accused of fudging his timesheets and being overpaid $2,600.

Lt. Jerome Berrian is in the process of being demoted in connection with the July 3 crash, before which investigators said two officers had been partying at The Clevelander while on duty.

Investigators said Officer Rolando Gutierrez had been absent without leave from his patrol assignment for hours that day. His sergeant was fired over the incident.

Gutierrez's lieutenant was demoted, although internal affairs investigators found that he was grossly negligent and inefficient that night. Investigators said he was also late for work but put in for the 10-hour shift.

Based on the results of that probe, Internal Affairs investigators pulled the previous three months of Berrian's time records and found he received almost 60 hours of compensation to which he was not entitled. Investigators said he was late 16 times and left early 12 times but put in for the full 10-hour shift every time. Investigators pulled Berrian's SunPass records for 28 trips from his southern Broward County home to work to back up their investigation.

In the July 3 case, six police supervisors were suspended, demoted or both, and in one case, the supervisor was fired. Berrian was only demoted, despite the findings and despite two past reprimands for sleeping on the job while he was supposed to direct traffic and for a violation of off-duty work.

In The Clevelander case, the directives came directly from City Hall. No one there would answer questions Friday.

Berrian technically remains a lieutenant. A hearing is set for Monday. The city is requiring him to pay back the $2,600 in compensation it says he doesn't deserve.

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