Person caught on video breaking into garage allegedly cuts into vehicles to take items inside

3 people show up in van early Saturday

By Christian De La Rosa - Reporter

MIAMI - An individual was caught on camera breaking into a gated parking garage and then allegedly cut into two different cars to take items inside.

It was around 4:30 a.m. Saturday when three people showed up in a white van. A car passed by and the group apparently faked a make-out session.

Once clear, two of the people in the trio lifted a garage gate as one of them slipped in. Another security camera showed him crawling his way in to start looking for unlocked car doors.

When he didn't find any, he allegedly cut his way into at least two cars. The Fiat of 67-year-old Silvia Fernandez was ransacked.

Here is what Fernandez would like to tell him: "Go to work. When you work, you can buy whatever you want to."

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