Police call to Ray Allen's wife after break-in released

Shannon Walker Allen called security guard, who then called 911

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - The Coral Gables Police Department has released a call made to the wife of former Miami Heat guard Ray Allen after a group of young adults broke into their home while she was home alone with their children.

Police said Shannon Walker Allen immediately called a security guard, who then called 911.

Dispatcher: "Did you say that there are juveniles there? Are they there now?"

Mrs. Allen: "No, they're not."

Dispatcher: "OK."

Mrs. Allen:  "I sat up in bed and screamed."

Dispatcher: "How long ago was this?"

Mrs. Allen: "About two minutes ago. The back door is open by the pool. You can see where they came in. Don't touch it though in case they dust for fingerprints."

Dispatcher: "And how many were there?"

Mrs. Allen: "I was dead asleep, but I saw flashlights and I heard voices. I think it was like, five or six kids.

There were actually seven teenagers who police said broke into her home, and were later tracked down by police.

Detectives said they confessed to the break-in, and said they were at a party next door and were curious to see the Allens' home. They also said they believed the Allens had moved out.

Mrs. Allen: "They were walking through my bedroom. We have, like, a sitting room in my bedroom and they were like as if they were on a tour pointing out stuff like, 'Oh, oh wow. Look at this picture. Oh my God he's got a flat screen TV.' I just sat up in bed and said 'What the (expletive) are you doing in my house?'"

Dispatcher: "They were inside not outside?"

Mrs. Allen: "They were in my bedroom. They were in my bedroom with flashlights."

Dispatcher: "OK."

While the dispatcher was sending officers to the home, Mrs. Allen got a call from a friend.

Mrs. Allen: "Everybody's OK. It was a group of kids, like maybe five or seven kids. They were in my bedroom -- in my bedroom, where my boys and I were asleep. No. I know there were boys and girls. I'm assuming teenagers, maybe college students. The back door to my pool area is slightly ajar. That could be where they came in."






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