Police investigate fatal airport bus crash

Two dead after bus crash at Miami International Airport

MIAMI - Local 10 continues to learn more about the bus crash at Miami International Airport that killed two people and sent more than two dozen to area hospitals where several were still in recovery Sunday evening.

On Sunday afternoon Local 10 revisited the home of Mayling Hernandez, the owner of the company the bus was registered to, Miami Bus Service.

There were five cars parked outside her Miami home but no one came to the door.

Local 10's Christina Vazquez then spoke to her neighbor, Maria Theresa Alvarez, who told Local 10 Hernandez is saddened about the accident and worried for the victims.

Of the 32 people on board two died; Serafin Castillo, 86, of Miami and Francisco Urana, 56, of Miami. Neighbors said Castillo was a widow and was friendly with everyone. Urana's family said everyone knew Francisco as Frank. They said his wife was supposed to be with him on the bus but decided not to go.

Ten more passengers remain at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Of those, eight are in stable condition and two remain in critical condition.

Alvarez said it was a "lamentable" accident and that from what she understands the driver, Ramon Ferriero, was confused when he entered Miami International Airport early Saturday morning.

He was driving a group of Jehovah's Witnesses who were picked up at their Sweetwater Kingdom Hall and were on their way to the Christian Convention Center in West Palm Beach.

Miami-Dade Police told us Ferriero was not familiar with the surrounding area and mistakenly entered the airport. Ferriero's listed home address is just over 6 miles from the accident scene. No one came to the door when Local 10 visited his Miami apartment on several occasions over the weekend.

Survivor Luis Jimenez told us people on board were telling him he was going the wrong way.

When the bus approached the arrivals overpass at the first terminal he crashed right into it.

At the point of impact there are large yellow signs warning of a 8' 2'' clearance and advising drivers of vehicles taller than that to turn left.

Investigators are trying to determine why Ferriero, who was driving a bus several feet taller, continued instead of veering left or stopping.

Sunday evening Miami-Dade County Police confirmed with Local 10's Christina Vazquez that they have yet to file charges against Ferriero.

Passengers Serafin Castillo and Francisco Urana died.

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