Police tips to protect yourself from vehicle burglaries

Police have a few tips to protect yourself from vehicle burglaries:

1) Take your purses and handbags with you. Do not leave them in your vehicle, not even for a few seconds

2) Do not leave your valuables, such as cell phones and iPods on the seat or floor or your vehicle. The trunk of your car is the safest place to lock and hide your valuables. But the key is to hide and lock your belongings in your trunk before you arrive at your destination. Otherwise, a thief might see you get out of your car, open your trunk and steal your laptop computer, camera, purse or some other item of value and walk away. Now he knows you've not only left something of value in your car,  but knows exactly where it is.

3) Lock your vehicles.

4) Beware of your surroundings. Thieves are watching you and waiting for that perfect opportunity.

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