Police to investigate detective's punch

Video shows Miami police detective punch man who crossed crime scene tape

MIAMI - The Miami Police Department's Internal Affairs unit will investigate a homicide detective caught on camera punching a man several times after he crossed crime scene tape surrounding his brother's body.

Video shot Monday showed Antwan Walker try approaching the body of his brother, Brandon Walker, outside an apartment building at Northwest 3rd Avenue and 22nd Street.

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When police grabbed him, Anthony Walker, his other brother, approached and got into a struggle with the officers.

Video then showed Miami Police Detective Fernando Bosch grapple with Anthony Walker and punch him several times. After they separated, Bosch punched Anthony Walker again, knocking him down.

Police are investigating whether Bosch used excessive force. On Tuesday, police said no investigation was planned into Bosch's actions.

"It's proper protocol, whenever there is a use of force on the police department's part, to investigate. Internal Affairs will ultimately investigate to see if the actions taken on scene where appropriate and if there's any wrongdoing, and that's just customary procedure," said Miami Police Sgt. Freddie Cruz. "There was an Internal Affairs investigation lodged once the video went viral."

But Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa said the incident was immediately under investigation.

"We haven't done a 180. You can't believe everything the newspaper puts out there," he said, referring to an article in The Miami Herald. "The investigation started just a few minutes after the incident started, so don't believe everything you see in print."

Former Miami Police Chief Ken Harms, who now works as an expert witness in excessive and deadly force cases, said the Miami Police Department works under strict standards and policy procedures that govern the use of force.

"To me, it raises serious instances of officer impropriety and excessive use of force," Harms said. He served as police chief from 1978 to 1984.

Harms said Bosch should have let uniformed officers handle the Walker brothers.

"That was not designed to control," Harms said about the punches the detective threw. "He still has that right arm under control. He is not pulling free. He is not trying to draw back and punch him. He is reaching up here like he is reaching for his face where he was smacked and what does the detective do? He grabs him by the neck. I am not sure why."

Anthony Walker, 28, was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence. Antwan Walker, 27, was charged with resisting an officer without violence.

Pictured: Anthony Walker (left) and Antwan Walker (right)

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