November Madness: Fill out your 2020 election ‘bracket’

Think you know how the election will pan out? Here’s your chance to prove your political prognostication skills

Predict the 2020 Election

It’s anyone’s guess how the Nov. 3 election will turn out.

Polls suggest Joe Biden is headed to victory, but President Donald Trump defied the polls in 2016 to win the White House. Can he do it again? Or is 2020 vindication for pollsters? We’ll know soon enough -- though how soon is one of the many unknowns this year.

We’d like your take on what to expect from the election. Use the survey below to predict the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election, plus the race for Senate and House. Make your picks and then share why you think that’s how things will go.

As results come in, we’ll report back on the wisdom of the crowd and share your insights on the election. After we learn the outcome, we’ll search back through the predictions and shout out the prognosticators who got things right.

Share your predictions using the form below. We’ll email you a copy of your picks so you can track how you do after the elections. You can also see some early results on how people feel the election will turnout.

One small reminder: We’re looking for predictions, not how you want the election to go. Also, we ask for some personal information at the end of the survey. That’s to help us better understand who is making the predictions, and got to get in touch when you nail every question.

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