Florida man charged with changing Gov. Ron DeSantis’ voting address

The 20-year-old from Naples is charged with changing Gov. Ron DeSantis’ voting address.

NAPLES, Fla. – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis couldn’t initially cast his ballot this week because someone changed his address online.

The snafu that was quickly fixed and resulted in the arrest of the suspect on felony charges.

DeSantis went to an early voting site in Tallahassee on Monday to cast his ballot but was told his address had been changed from the governor’s mansion to a West Palm Beach apartment complex 420 miles away.

A state investigation traced the change to an apartment in Naples, Florida.

Officials say 20-year-old Anthony Guevara admitted to making the change. He is charged with two felonies.

Guevara told police he also accessed information for Sen. Rick Scott and celebrities including Michael Jordan and LeBron James — but that he only changed DeSantis' address.

It’s unclear whether he has an attorney who could comment.