Prosecutors Drop Charge Against Spence-Jones

Suspended Miami Commissioner Could Return To City Hall

MIAMI - State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle announced Tuesday her office will no longer pursue a felony grand theft charge against suspended Miami Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones.

The move paves the way for Spence-Jones to return to city hall, ousting her replacement, Commissioner Richard Dunn.

The City of Miami charter allows Spence-Jones to return to her elected office, as well as collect back pay and benefits.

?Its been two long years. I am so happy. Thank God, and there will not be a celebration. I plan to be with close family and friends,? Spence-Jones told Local 10's Calvin Hughes.

In a statement, Fernandez Rundle said, "As a prosecutor, I am duty bound to follow the legal and ethical dictates of my profession and cannot continue to prosecute a case where the evidence needed to convict is no longer available."

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