Reporter's Notebook: Meet 6 jurors who will decide George Zimmerman case

By Christina Vazquez - Reporter
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SANFORD, Fla. - Meet the six jurors who will decide the George Zimmerman case.

B29: Moved here four months ago from Chicago, loves reality television, is married with eight kids and works with Alzheimer's patients part-time. She is the only woman of color on the jury. The state has described her as black or Hispanic. ABC News is reporting she is Hispanic. The Court Clerk's Office and defense team would not confirm her ethnicity.

B76: Married with two adult children; one is a contract attorney. She used to work at her husband's construction company and said her passion in life is rescuing pets. 

B37: Daughter of an Air Force Captain. A brunette in her 50's married with two adult children. She's the animal lover who enjoys the game "Candy Crush" and uses newspapers to line her parrots' cages. She used to have a concealed weapons permit but never carried a gun so she let it expire. Her husband has a concealed weapons permit.

B51: Retired director of a call center who told the court her former management experience would make her a good juror, "Listen to all sides and sometimes have to make the tough calls." She spends much of her time traveling to Jacksonville to attend to her elderly parents. She's never been married and has no children. She has served on a jury before.

E6: A soft-spoken church-going blonde who is married with two kids ages 11 and 13. She told the court during jury selection she was the victim of domestic violence.

E40: Possibly in her 60's, with an adult son who is looking for work. She recently moved to the area for a "safety officer" job and is married to a chemical engineer. She's the potential juror who said she didn't watch Game 6 of the NBA Finals because she prefers watching football. She has served on a jury before.

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