Reports: former Congressional candidate set to surrender on federal charges

Reports: Sternad set to surrender today on federal charges

MIAMI - According to The Miami Herald, former congressional candidate, Justin Lamar Sternad, is set to be charged Friday with federal crimes.

This after an investigation found Sternad tried to hide money used in his run for Congress.

When local 10's senior political reporter Michael Putney tried to get him to comment about the allegations last september, Sternad's wife doused him with water.

Reports say the FBI tried to talk to Ana Alliegro who worked on Sternad's campaign, but she skipped out on the meeting.

Sternad says he earned just $30,000 last year and reported spending $11,000 on his campaign. After reports surfaced that he spent a considerable amount of money on political fliers, Sternad added that he borrowed $53,000.

Sternad also has an alleged tie to former South Florida Congressman David Rivera. Rivera is under investigation for helping to pay for Sternad's campaign, even though Sternad was running as his Democratic opponent for Miami's 26th District.

Rivera has denied any ties. The charges Sternad faces on Friday do not include Rivera, as their alleged connection is still under investigation. 

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