S. Fla. Couple Invents Shoulder Buddies

Educational, Fun Toy Can Go Anywhere

MIAMI - They are tiny and bright with crazy hair, and chances are they remind you of a toy you had when you a were a kid -- but not exactly.

Shoulder Buddies are the brain child of a husband and wife from South Florida.

"It's the idea of that buddy on your shoulder, that little friend that you have kind of that angel on your shoulder that a lot of people connect with," said creator Kevin Muller.

Jeaneen and Kevin Muller, active members of the Parents and Teachers Association, were inspired by their two kids to create the toys that use their Smart Card "smarts" to send out positive messages.

"By creating something unique and different with an educational aspect -- big value to today's society," Jeaneen Muller told Local 10's Jen Herrera .

There are Shoulder Buddies that teach about going green and bullying, and then there are those that are all for fun. There are 32 Shoulder Buddies. One named Blaze teaches about fire safety. And you can wear them almost anywhere -- on your head, on your shoes, you name it. Your buddy can go with you just about anywhere.

And now, they're popping up in stores everywhere, taking the local family to places they never could have imagined.

"We've always followed their lead, and it's a great journey. They're taking us on an amazing journey," said Jeaneen Muller.

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