S. Fla. radio personality loses 100 pounds

Paul Castronovo shares his transformation strategy

LIGHTHOUSE POINT, Fla. - You may not recognize his face, but when it comes to his voice, chances are you do.

Paul Castronovo from the "Paul and Young Ron Show" has been on the South Florida airwaves for years. He may sit while he's in the studio, but these days he's on his feet once the show wraps.

Castronovo is on a mission. He's already lost 100 pounds and the self admitted yo-yo dieter says the results he's seeing are addicting.

Local 10's Jen Herrera joined him for a workout and he opened up about the challenges of losing weight, and about why this time it's really working.

"All of a sudden someone will go, 'Hey, man, you look good, what happened?' That, psychologically, is the greatest thing," he said. "My wife goes, 'Something's on your back. Oh my God, they're muscles.'"

Castronovo has been successful by going old school -- circuit training using weights and cranking out cardio -- a series of non-stop exercises with the help of his trainer, Brian.

He goes to the gym three days a week for an hour each time. He's also quite the bike rider these days.

"I bought a bike and I started riding -- 10 miles and then 15 and working my way up," he said. "The bike was the best thing."

"The most important part of it -- like 90 percent -- is nutrition," Castronovo said.

During the week, he eats high quality, portion control food every three hours.

"Friday night comes, we're going out to dinner," he said. "I do my weekends right. I don't want to be this guy who is miserable. I want to enjoy life."

Eating well, but not depriving himself, and his newfound love of exercise have helped transform Castronovo.

He's healthier and happier and he's not going back.

"Those days are over," he said. "I have to focus on me.

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