S Fla woman gets no deal in 'Shark Tank'

Susie Taylor created stain-resistant bib called 'Bibbitec'

MIAMI - A South Florida woman looking for investors for her stain-resistant bib on ABC's "Shark Tank" on Friday night, did not get a deal from any of the sharks.

Susie Taylor went on the show looking for investors for Bibbitec, a stain resistant baby bib that is made in South Florida.

"So this is what we took to Shark Tank, our mini," said Taylor as she held up a yellow bib.

Taylor says her bib, which Local 10 featured in 2012, doesn't stain.

"Ever since I started the company, I've been dreaming about going on my favorite TV show and we are," said Taylor.

Taylor said she's watched every episode of "Shark Tank," and is asking the investors on the show for $40,000 and in return is willing to give them 14 percent of her company. 

"We went there looking for support, we went there looking for money, we went there looking for an affirmation for us as a company," said Taylor.  "It was scary, it was beyond scary. My knees were wobbling, my hands were sweating. I was completely out of my comfort zone."

Taylor hopes with their help, she can expand her business into cooking and yoga gear. 

"I just hope that they saw that I was trying to do the right thing," said Taylor.

However, the investors did not buy her product.

The sharks said the cost to make the bibs was too expensive. They also said Taylor needed a better plan to sell the bibs.

"Shark Tank" has about 7 million viewers each week.

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