Search on for men who fatally shot man in NW Miami-Dade

Police looking for 4 men who may be responsible for shooting

MIAMI-DADE, Fla. - Police are looking for at least four men they say could be responsible for a man who was shot and killed in the street in northwest Miami-Dade.

The Miami-Dade Police Department said the shooting happened near NW 63rd Street and 18th Avenue near Miami's Gladeview neighborhood.

A long-time area resident who spoke with Local 10's Sasha Andrade didn't give his name because he said he is afraid of becoming the next victim in the neighborhood.

"I was scared because I didn't know where the bullets were coming from," said the resident.

The resident said he was enjoying a quiet Sunday at home when all of a sudden, he heard gunfire.

"I was inside the building, then we heard shots," said the resident. "Then when I came out, the guy was standing above the guy, shooting."

The resident said he saw a 24-year-old black man standing on the corner of the intersection when police said four black men pulled up next to him in a white van with dark tints.

Without saying a word, the resident said the men inside the vehicle opened fire.

"They had shot him from the car. They got out of the car, you know, and just shot him five more times," he said.

The resident quickly took cover before he could get a look at the gunmen, but after they fled, he said he realized the young man they killed was a friend of his niece and nephew.

"My nephew and niece went to school with him," he said.

The shooting happened not long after police responded to another shooting down the street.

Investigators said the two are not related, but after a couple of weeks on these streets, the residents who live in the area said they are scared they'll be next, many of them too afraid to speak out publicly about the shooting.

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