Skytrain reopens after derailment at Miami International Airport

By Domingo Ramos - Executive Producer

MIAMI - Miami International Airport's people mover system, also known as the Skytrain, has reopened after several cars went off the rails Tuesday.

Before the system was back up and running again, travelers using Concourse D were advised to arrive at the airport earlier as they needed more time to walk to their gates.

MIA spokeswoman Suzy Trutie said two cars of one of MIA's four trains went off the rail during maintenance Tuesday. One car went into the roof of Concourse D and the other car was off the rail. 

"No one seemed to be outside our gate to give us any information," one passenger said.

Trutie said one employee was on board at the time of the accident but was not injured. The cars have since been removed from the roof and were taken to a hangar to be inspected by authorities, Trutie said.

The Skytrain serves four stations within Concourse D, which houses 60 gates.

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