'SOS Venezuela' creator faces criminal charges linked to political activism

Rodrigo Diamanti is now the subject of a hash tag asking for his freedom

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Rodrigo Diamanti, who is the creator of the "SOS Venezuela" campaign, was the subject of a social media hash tag that alarmed human rights defenders worldwide  -- "Liberen a Rodrigo," Spanish for free Rodrigo.

Diamanti was detained Wednesday, interrogated without access to legal counsel, and released on probation Friday night. He was charged with two crimes, his attorney Nizar El Fakih tweeted in Spanish, and will not be allowed to leave the country.

"I'm with @RDiamanti,"  Ek Fakih weeted. "He is in good condition [and is] very tired because he hasn't slept."

Venezuelan reporter Maria Alesia Sosa, who was in communication with his attorney on Twitter, tweeted late Friday in Spanish that Diamanti was facing charges of possession of explosive devices and obstruction of public roads, and that there was a criminal investigation in progress.

Diamanti's sister Claudia Diamanti, who lives in Washington, D.C., and his friends and colleagues tweeted that Venezuelan authorities had detained the political activist Wednesday.

In Venezuela, any one who is caught "red-handed can be detained for 48 hours without charges.

The arrest happened days after Diamanti protested that Venezuelan authorities raided the office of his "Un Mundo Sin Mordaza," a World Without Censorship,  He founded the Caracas-based organization to promote awareness on human rights abuses, his sister said during an interview with CNN.

Diamanti has also organized several other non-governmental organizations to promote political activism including "Futuro Presente" and "Liderazgo y Vision."

The World Economic Forum released a statement late Friday saying the organization was "deeply concerned" for Diamanti, who became a member of their global shapers community in 2012.

"Rodrigo is a human rights advocate and community builder who actively works to encourage freedom of expression," the statement said. "The outpouring of support for Rodrigo is a testament to how much his work and contributions are appreciated both locally and around the world."

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