South Fla. group secretly delivers supplies to Venezuela

Volunteers risk lives to provide aid for Venezuelans

By Victor Oquendo - Anchor/Reporter

WILTON MANORS, Fla. - For two months now the protests in Venezuela have turned violent. Forty-one people have died and hundreds more have been injured.

Now Venezuelans living in South Florida, like Jennifer Storey, are doing what they can for those affected.

"There is no way for them to get any of their basic needs," Storey told Local 10.

Storey and her team from Ayuda Humatia Venezuela (Humanitarian Aid for Venezuela) have been collecting donated medical supplies, packing them up and shipping them to Venezuela.

"They're in desperate need of everything," she said. "We have people that have been suffering from burns, even bullets and we need to take care of everybody."

Some of the supplies include, ibuprofen, Aleve, diapers, crutches and the list goes on. They have a total of nine pallets complied. That is a total of 18,000 pounds, and this group has already sent more than 20,000 pounds of supplies, as well.

"If people get caught giving this help to help students, just putting a bandage, they get labeled as terrorists," Storey added.

This group has some dedicated backers that either fly their own planes or contract others to transport everything into the country. So far, they haven't had a problem.
Storey knows there is a big risk involved.

"The commitment of the volunteers, the people there, they are risking their lives," she said. "As long as we can do it, the people in Venezuela can count on us."

They are always looking for more donations. If anyone would like to help, visit

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