South Fla. man tells judge he 'went to jail on purpose'

Todd Bontrager says he waited for police so he could study jail environment

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - A man accused of trespassing at a Fort Lauderdale church was in court Thursday, but he told the judge his arrest was no accident.

Todd Bontrager said he wanted to get arrested so that he could study the jail environment.

"I need to be very clear about one thing, which is that I went to jail on purpose for 13 years of my life," Bontrager told Broward County Judge John Hurley. "I went to jail on purpose to study. I came here on purpose. I waited for the police. I waited for the police on all my arrests."

Bontrager had been released from jail on another charge before his trespassing arrest at First Presbyterian Church.

It was not immediately known if his study was successful.

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