South Fla. residents drying out after severe weather

Workers in Medley spend Friday trying to soak up water after flooding

By Liane Morejon - Reporter

MEDLEY, Fla. - Streets remained flooded Friday morning after a day of heavy rain fell throughout South Florida.

Medley was one of the hardest-hit areas. The rising water stranded dozens of drivers and employees were stuck at their jobs for hours Thursday.

It was a wet drive for workers in a Medley warehouse district Friday.

Drivers were forced to make their way through what Mother Nature left behind.

Now that some of the rain has washed away, it's also taken away some of the area business.

Employees at Lube To Go weren't even able to start working as of noon after several inches of water filled a work pit where they perform oil changes.

"I started taking it out with buckets and that was taking forever, and then we had a company pull it out," employee Jorge Ortiz told Local 10.

Workers said 160 gallons came out of that pit, soaking carpets and stalling work.

Just a few warehouses away, Jordan Castillo had to jump start his own work truck.

By now, restaurants across South Florida would have received some sweet treats from Panapastry. But Thursday's flooding is halting deliveries.

Workers said flooding in Medley is nothing new, but they're ready to see a fix.

"For four years, it's been about the same," Ortiz said. "I've seen them do some work, but at the end of the day, it's fruitless. I mean, it's the same thing still happening."

Public works officials said a project is underway to fix the drainage issues in the area.

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