South Florida "Secret Santa" visits Home Depot

Random act of kindness helps customers

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CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. - Christmas doesn't arrive until the 25th, but Santa made an early stop at a local South Florida retail store.

A customer in the self-checkout line at the Home Depot in Coral Springs was surprised to find an anonymous note reading, "Your purchase is on me. Pass on the good will and holiday cheer." Underneath the note was $100 in cash.

The first customer didn't spend the money, instead turning in the cash and the note to store management. The manager on-duty decided to place the items back at the self-checkout register only to have a second customer return the money and the note.

It was only after returning the items to the register for a third time that a customer finally accepted the "Secret Santa's" generosity, leaving the remaining change to allow another customer to receive the early holiday gift.

Store management said they've heard of Good Samaritans leaving money before, but have never witnessed it at their own store.

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