Statues vandalized at Immaculate Conception in Hialeah

Three statues damaged outside church

HIALEAH, Fla. - Vandals struck a church in Hialeah over the weekend, damaging three statues outside the church.

Immaculate Conception Church does not have surveillance cameras, so there is no surveillance video available.

Police hope someone witnessed the crime and will give them information that will help catch the vandals.

When parishioners showed up to church Sunday morning, they were shocked at what they found.

Three of the statues had severe damage. The eyes and fingers were cut off and piled on the ground like trash.

"It's sad," said one woman. "I grew up here. I was baptized and had my first communion. My children were also baptized here and it hurts."

"It's just as if someone broke into our home," said another parishioner. It's part of our life and it's so disrespectful."

While parts of their statues are broken, parishioners say their bond with God is even stronger.

"God is not a piece or rock and the Blessed Mother is not a piece of rock," said a parishioner. "They are in our hearts and it doesn't make a difference whether the statue is broken or not.

According to one of the priests at the church, one of the statues came from Italy. It is 100 percent marble and costs around $10,000. He said at this point he is not sure if they will have the money to replace it.

Anyone with information that may help police catch the vandals is asked to call Hialeah Police.

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