Study: BMW drivers are the rudest

Research shows drivers of BMW's lack road manners

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If you think the biggest jerks on the road also happen to drive BMW's; science now has the facts to back you up.

An article in the New York Times highlighted the results of a University of California, Berkeley research project that showed that when it comes to driving manners, those behind the wheels of BMW's are indeed the worst.

The study, which was published in 2012, was conducted by observing drivers reacting to pedestrians attempting to walk across the street using a crosswalk and whether those drivers would stop. Researchers also focused on four-way stop intersections to see if drivers attempted to make a turn before it was their turn in the cycle.

In their observations, researchers found that drivers in more expensive cars were more likely to bully their way into line or disregard pedestrians than those in older, less expensive vehicles.

And of all the drivers in the study, those in BMW's were considered to be the rudest

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