Survivors recount massive tornado

At least 24 killed by Oklahoma tornado

MOORE, Okla. -

People who live in Moore, Okla. recounted the massive tornado that hit Monday, killing at least 24 people.

Steve Churchman's house still stood Tuesday amongst the remnants of others.

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"It goes to dead calm, then you get a little rain, then the hail comes and everything, and at the time, a couple of telephone poles had blown down on my driveway," said Churchman (pictured above).

Churchman said he covered himself in blankets underneath his tool bench when the tornado hit.

"This is terrible. It reminds me of May 3rd, 1999," he said. "I got here and I didn't have a shingle missing and 300 yards up the street from me -- everything's gone."

"I don't know how to describe it. Scary that it could've been a lot more serious than what it was," said one woman. "I don't even recognize the neighborhood. Just worry about the people."

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Debbie Gardner ran into the hospital for shelter as the tornado approached.

"They said just hunker down," she said. "That was the only thing that didn't have any damage, was the center of the hospital building in the cafeteria."

Local 10's Jen Herrera is in Moore. Follow her here.

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