SUV hits building; 1 killed

2nd pedestrian in critical condition

ALLAPATTAH, Fla. - The driver of a sport utility vehicle hit two people, killing one of them, before crashing into a liquor store in Allapattah Tuesday morning.

The crash happened at Northwest 7th Avenue and 27th Street about 10 a.m.

The driver of a Dodge Durango was traveling northbound on Northwest 7th Avenue when he suddenly swerved into Laguna Seafood Restaurant, according to Miami Fire Rescue.

The Durango hit two people standing outside of the restaurant's serving window, then smashed into a nearby liquor store. Surveillance video captured the moment it hit the building.

One pedestrian was pronounced dead when fire rescue arrived.

The driver and the other pedestrian were transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital. The condition of the driver wasn't immediately released. The pedestrian was listed in critical condition.

"What we did find when the vehicle struck the liquor store that, obviously, there are several bottles that are broken as a result, so you have to smell the alcohol all inside the liquor store but also that's spilling outside as well," said Miami Fire Rescue Lt. Ignatius Carroll. "The driver of the vehicle, just so you know, when we arrived, sounded very combative, very confused which is normal when you have some type of possible head injury as a result of the incident."

The names of those injured and killed in the crash weren't immediately released.

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