Teen Injured On Amusement Park Ride To Go Home

Teagan Marti Cannot Walk; Family Hopeful

MIAMI - A Parkland girl injured in an accident at a Wisconsin theme park is expected to go home later this week.

Teagan Marti, 13, has been undergoing rehabilitation for the last month at Jackson Memorial Hospital, where she has surprised her parents and doctors with her determination to recover. Doctors inititally thought she might go home Monday, but a hospital representative said her release date has been pushed back to later this week.

"She is a fighter, and we're just going to do the best to get her better," said Julie Marti, Teagan's mother, at a fundraiser for the teen Sunday.

Hundreds of people showed up to walk and raise money for the 13-year-old girl.

Her family said the money will go to help pay not only for long-term outpatient care but renovations to a bathroom to meet Marti's needs.

"We are just working to get her better," said Marti's mother. "It's going to be a long road."

Marti still cannot walk, and it is not clear if she will ever walk again.

The teen fractured several vertebrae and suffered internal injuries when she fell 10 stories in July while visiting the Wisconsin Dells park. The Free Fall Tower's ride operator confessed to not deploying the safety net.

The family has settled with the amusement park, but details of that settlement have not been released. The family's attorney said they are now looking to sue the ride's German manufacturer.

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