Teen Present At Burning Sentenced In Burglary Case

Teen Makes Plea In Burglary Case

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Jeremy Jarvis, the youngest suspect arrested, but never charged, in the attack on Michael Brewer has been sentenced for a different case.

Jarvis pleaded no contest Monday to burglary and theft charges.

He was accused of breaking into a Pompano Beach home in May to steal a Nintendo Wii.

Jarvis, 14, was sentenced to an indefinite period of probation and ordered to complete a life skills program.

He also has to pay more than $600 in restitution to the victim.

Just over a year ago, Jarvis was at the Deerfield Beach scene where his brother, and several others poured rubbing alcohol on Michael Brewer before setting him on fire.

Three teens remain in jail charged as adults with attempted second-degree murder.

Michael Brewer recently celebrated his 16th birthday and completed a big portion of his rehabilitation.

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