Tractor-trailer hauling vehicles carjacked in South Florida, witnesses say

Witnesses: Armed officers search streets, cars for carjacker

COOPER CITY, Fla. - Authorities searched Friday evening for the person who carjacked a tractor-trailer hauling vehicles, witnesses say.

It started with a tractor-trailer hauling a Hyundai and a Ford 350. Witnesses said the whole convoy was carjacked and when police caught up to it in Cooper City, the carjacker pulled over, jumped out and crawled over a wall.

Gated residents, who were too scared to show their faces on camera, said armed officers were then scouring their streets, stopping traffic in and checking every car on the way out.

"I called my grandson and said, 'Lock the doors,'" said a witness.

"They had to look in the truck to make sure we weren't hiding somebody," said another witness.

More than an hour later, there was no word on what they found, but the all clear was given.

The car and truck were off-loaded and deputies began ramping up their forensic investigation. All of it leaving residents on the other side of the wall spinning, but not surprised.

"It happens everywhere," a witness said.

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