Trespassing suspect David Riffle to Judge John Hurley: 'How you doin' a--hole?'

Man tells Broward County judge he's going to hell

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - A man arrested on a trespassing charge probably didn't make a good first impression on a judge when he greeted him with a profane remark.

"How you doin' a--hole?" David Riffle asked Broward County Judge John Hurley in bond court Wednesday morning.

Hurley didn't seem bothered by the comment.

"I'm doing fine," Hurley said. "How are you, sir?"

Riffle was arrested Tuesday by Seminole police.

Seminole police spokesman Gary Bitner told Local 10 News that Riffle is homeless and likes to frequent the Hollywood Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, where he bothers patrons by chanting religious proverbs at them.

Bitner said Riffle was washing his feet in a fountain at the Hard Rock when he was asked to leave, refused and was arrested.

After Hurley asked Riffle how he was feeling, the 40-year-old man began to shout religious babble at the judge.

"You are now going to hell," Riffle said. "(Inaudible). For the glory of God (inaudible). He is the judge. Amen. Goodbye."

Throughout it all, Hurley kept his cool and ordered that Riffle be held on $100 bond.

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