Trial continues for man accused of attacking veteran officer

Officer beat, run over by his vehicle

MIAMI - State witness Rusique Isaac testified through a Creole translator Thursday afternoon in court in the case where veteran Miami Dade Detective Carlos Castillo was brutally attacked during a traffic stop.

Isaac was at his mechanic shop right next to the crime scene at Northwest 71st St. near Interstate 95. He explained during his cross examination that while he saw some things, including defendant Michael Robertson, he did not see everything that night.

"I always stand behind what I say," Isaac said.

According to Isaac, he assumed Robertson was the man who threw the block and stole the officer's car because of where he saw it happening.

"Because it's his home. I said it seems like it was Mike," Isaac said.

According to prosecutors, Robertson ran away from Castillo during the traffic stop, climbed onto a roof and threw a 30 pound cinder block onto the officer's head, cracking his skull

The husband and father of two was left almost lifeless that night, body covered with scars, as he dramatically revealed those in court on day one of the trial.

"I have a dent in the top of my head, I have a scar from my chest line all the way down to my stomach," Castillo said.

Prosecutors said Robertson then stole the detective's police vehicle and proceeded to run him over with it twice, something that Issac also testified to.

"I couldn't see well," Isaac said. "I could see the head moving back and forth. I didn't see who was driving the car."

Defense attorneys argued that no one ever got a good look at the person who threw the cinder block, and during opening statements, said there are holes in the prosecutors case, specifically with their witnesses.

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