TSA worker found dead in Miami

Ernesto Lluberes' body found near Miami Northwestern Senior HS

MIAMI - Miami-Dade police are trying to solve a mystery after a TSA worker was found dead in Miami.

The body of Ernesto Lluberes, 41, was found inside his pick-up truck early Sunday morning.

The truck was parked in a desolate warehouse area near Northwest 72nd Street and 12th Avenue. That's near Miami Northwestern Senior H.S., and 30 miles from Lluberes' home.

His family said he left his house at 11 p.m. on Saturday for his 2:30 a.m. shift at Miami International Airport on Sunday. He told them he was going in early to earn some extra overtime pay.

His body was found at 3 a.m. And it's not clear how he died.

Homicide detectives spent Tuesday passing out fliers at the scene.

TSA will only say Lluberes was not on duty at time, but nothing else.

A woman who lives right next to the bridge told Local 10's Glenna Milberg that she heard no shots and her dog never barked. She said she believes LLuberes was shot and his body brought to the spot where it was found.

The woman also said that neighbors and police have done much to quell what was once a high-crime area.

Lluberes' mother, Violeta Lluberes, said her son did not smoke or drink and never got into trouble.

The TSA officer won a Good Samaritan award in 2006 for helping an airport employee who was having a heart attack.

He was arrested for battery in 2011, but a jury found him not guilty. He's been married three times.

And he loved his motorcycle so much that  his mother bought a model one to put in his casket and bury it with her son.

Lluberes' funeral is set for Wednesday at 2 p.m.

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