Turkish Airlines building world's tallest sand castle at Historic Virginia Key Beach Park

1,800 tons of sand being used to build massive sand castle

By Amanda Batchelor - Senior Digital Editor

KEY BISCAYNE, Fla. - Turkish Airlines is attempting to break the world record for tallest sand castle ever built.

A team of 12 sculptors led by 7-time record holder Ted Siebert is working to construct the massive castle at Historic Virginia Key Beach Park.

The record attempt marks the airline's inaugural service from Miami to its hub in Istanbul, which begins Sunday.

The sand castle, which requires more than 1,800 tons of sand, is taking about three weeks to complete and is expected to be done by next Monday.

It is expected to remain standing at the beach for at least three weeks after it is completed.

The current world record for tallest sand castle stands at 41 feet and 3.67 inches. It was built in Brazil last November.

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