We Are The Show

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A portion of the Heat's schedule is out.

Miami opens the season Oct. 26 at the Boston Celtics (not pictured).

The other games we know about are Orlando for the home opener and, of course, the Lakers on Christmas in LA.

Doesn't Matter

Here's the thing about the Heat schedule.

It doesn't really matter who they play.

All 82 games, the Heat are the show.

I remember in the early stages of the franchise, when you'd look forward to Michael Jordan or Karl Malone coming to town.

The Heat were bad and you waited for the opposition to make the game interesting.

If there wasn't a worthy opponent, there would be plenty of empty seats at the old Miami Arena.

Bring It On

My how that has changed -- 41 road games this year, 41 sellouts.

Print it.

The Heat are the biggest story in the NBA and likely all of sports starting on Oct. 26.

So bring on whoever you want, in whatever order you want.

Wade, LeBron and Bosh will be ready.

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