Is that a headless body on the beach? Well, not really

A volunteer walking a beach in Northwest Florida came across this sight and thought it was a decapitated body. (Photo via Ocean Hour Facebook page)

A woman walking a Florida beach thought she had come across a decapitated body.

Thankfully, it just turned out to be the type of figure you’d see showing off clothing from a store window.

The headless mannequin spotted on Perdido Key near Pensacola was covered with barnacles and other sea life, according to Ocean Hour, a nonprofit that organizes beach clean-ups.

Ocean Hour said in a Facebook post that someone had even called 911 over the sighting.

“How long has she been out in the water collecting barnacles and sealife? Way too long!” the nonprofit wrote. “We are glad it wasn’t a real body!”

Volunteer Kathleen was walking the intercoastal side in Perdido Key...when she came across what she thought was a dead,...

Posted by Ocean Hour on Monday, November 16, 2020

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