Preschoolers steal SUV to visit grandmother

Toddlers crashed into another car, no major injuries

By Jeff Tavss - Executive Producer

(Facebook / Federal Way PD)

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. - Instead of going over the river and through the woods, two toddlers stole their mother's SUV to get to grandmother's house.

The Federal Way Police Department posted the aftermath of the joyride in which a 5-year-old and 3-year-old drove the vehicle before the quick trip ended with them crashing into another car at a nearby intersection.

However, before the collision, the children were able to drive the SUV out of the driveway and onto the road.

Neither of the children were injured, while the driver of the other car suffered minor cuts and bruises.

KOMO-TV said witnesses were shocked to see who was behind the wheel of the accident.

“I held the kids both in their hands and I said, ‘where’s your mom?’ ‘Sleeping. I want to go to my grandma’s house," Annemarie Warren told the television station.

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