Pro-Trump website selling Lego-like 'MAGA' border wall play set

Set includes Donald Trump figure, blocks for border wall

A conservative website that sells Donald Trump merchandise is offering a Lego-like building block set that recreates the president's long-sought southern border wall.

The play set, which includes a Trump figure and 101 building blocks that form a wall, is clearly meant to look like the more well-known Lego toys. The MAGA -- or Make America Great Again -- lettering on the box is strikingly similar to the Danish toy maker's signature logo.

"A mob of 10,000 Central American migrants is marching through Mexico and heading toward El Paso, Texas," the website says in the promotional materials for toy.

News reports put the number of migrants at around 6,000 and they appeared to be headed toward San Diego. 

The box for the "Building the Wall Starter Set" features a caricature of a Mexican man -- complete with sombrero, poncho and maracas -- standing behind the wall. That figure isn't included in the set.

The website has offered other Lego knockoffs, including the "Trump sends Hillary to prison! Limited edition collector's set," but the wall set appears to be most the elaborate -- and pricey, at $29.99.


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