Woman tells 'bad judge' she wants accommodations at luxurious hotel

Broward County judge denies Elizabeth Dyer's request for pre-trial release

By Peter Burke - Local10.com Managing Editor

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. - A woman who appeared before a Broward County judge Thursday morning sought to set her own terms for release from jail, chastising the judge and demanding accommodations at a luxurious hotel.

Elizabeth Dyer was arrested Wednesday on charges of trespassing, battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence.

As Judge Jill Levy began to read the charges against Dyer during her bond hearing, Dyer interrupted.

"Are you aware, your honor, are you aware, at all, that I was the one that was -- that called 911 and asked for a non-emergency dispatch in my case against the McDonald's?"

Dyer's defense attorney interrupted her.

"I wouldn't discuss the facts of your case, Ms. Dyer," he told her.

Dyer ignored him.

"You are a bad judge, whether you are elected or not," Dyer told Levy. "I accuse you of embezzling the state."

Levy smiled and laughed it off.

Then Dyer made an unusual request: "I request pre-trial release with accommodations of food and shelter at the most luxurious hotel at all while I prove my case of sexual trafficking against."

Dyer trailed off, seemingly losing her thought. She paused and pointed her finger in the air before continuing, claiming that she was illegally fingerprinted by a patrol officer "to embezzle funds from me and the state."

"OK, does the state wish to be heard?" Levy asked.

Dyer rambled on some more before her attorney chimed in.

"The defense does not wish to be heard either," he said.

Levy concluded the bizarre exchange with a tempered reply.

"Ms. Dyer, you are talking about completely irrelevant matters," Levy said.

The judge set Dyer's bond at $6,100 and then sent her on her way.

"Your request is denied," Levy said.

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