Wheels stolen off SUV in driveway

$12K in rims, wheels stolen off Porsche Cayenne


A homeowner woke up Friday to find his Porsche Cayenne sitting on cement blocks in his driveway.

Surveillance cameras outside Don Simon's home in Hollywood showed the thieves stealing the rims and tires worth $12,000 from his $80,000 sport utility vehicle.

"I opened the first garage door here around 7 a.m. and as soon as I walked out, you see the car on the blocks, and I said, 'Yep, they got me,'" said Simon.

Video showed the thieves drive past his house, then back up after spotting his SUV.

"You see them walking right up, past my mailbox, taking a right," said Simon.

For 45 minutes, they worked on the car, jacked it up, and removed the wheels. The thieves also opened the trunk.

"Makes you angry, makes you frustrated," said Simon. "I mean, it's something we worked hard to achieve to get and guys just walk in and brazenly take it and off they go."

Simon and his family have lived in the 1930s home for 15 years and worked to restore it to its original state.

"We've talked about it -- should we, should we not -- and we've always not done it because we wanted to keep the house original, but now we're putting in gates," said Simon.

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