Witness: 12-Year-Old Choked Classmate 'Until He Dropped'

12-Year Old Student Sends Classmate To Hospital, Passed Out

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - A sixth-grade boy from Nova Middle School faces criminal charges after police said he choked his classmate unconscious.

The 11-year-old victim's father said his son and a 12-year-old classmate were seated in a row, one in front of the other, and were arguing. The man said the 12-year-old boy sitting behind his son wrapped his hands around his son's neck, lifted him out of the chair and choked him until he was unconscious and dropped to the ground.

A witness said the boy choked the victim "until he dropped."

Rescuers rushed the 11-year-old victim to Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. The victim's father said his son was released from the hospital Thursday night but was going to see a doctor Friday for pain in his neck and legs.

The child's father said he has hired an attorney and is considering pulling his child from the school.

The 12-year old suspect was taken into police custody. He is facing battery charges. Davie police said he was taken to the Juvenile Detention Center.

Police would not identify either student because they are juveniles.

School officials would not answer questions about where the teacher or security officers were when the incident happened.

Students told Local 10 a substitute teacher was in the classroom when it happened and apparently didn't realize anything was going on until she saw the boy lying on the floor.

On Friday afternoon, the interim superintendent of Broward County Public Schools released a statement, saying, "The student choking incident yesterday at Nova Middle School is currently under investigation. This was an unfortunate incident, however we are happy to say that the injured student is progressing and we wish him the best."

The incident was the topic of conversation among many parents arriving at the school with their children Friday.

"I just dropped my granddaughter off and I said, 'Stay away from trouble.' So you know, it makes me somewhat nervous," said one grandmother.

"Where was the adult? For five minutes, how could an adult not have been around?" said parent Leslie Glazer.

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