Woman claims North Miami police officer threatened her

53-year-old says she's scared for her life

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. - A seemingly terrified 53-year-old woman too afraid to show her face claims an officer is on the wrong side of the law.

"I feel scared," she told Local 10's Ross Palombo. "I -- I'm scared. I'm scared. I feel like my life is not (safe)."

She said it began with a phone call. Jodlyn Antoine, she claims, called her and threatened her over money.

"He said, 'This is Joe,' and so and so, 'I need my money. I need my (expletive) money."

It was money that she does admit she owes to a female co-worker. Antoine, she claims, is that co-worker's boyfriend.

He's also an officer for the North Miami Police Department.

"I'm very scared for my life and my daughter's life," she said.

She claims that Antoine showed up at her place of employment once while he was still in uniform, another time in a parking lot and blocked her car in, and that he called her with a threat.

"He (said) if I don't pay the money in the 'good' way, I will pay in the 'bad' way," she told Palombo.

"What did you take that to mean?" Palombo asked.

"You never know," she replied. "You see every day people kill people. I (am) just scared."

So scared that she called North Miami police for help. The agency, in turn, notified the Miami-Dade Police Department.

According to the Miami-Dade police report, the woman told police that Antoine made "two threats via her cellphone" and that he said "when the bad ones come to harm her, he will be at work. That will be his alibi."

"Did you threaten her, sir?" Palombo asked Antoine.

Antoine walked away while muttering something inaudible. 

The North Miami Police Department will not discuss the details of the case.

Anoine's personnel file confirms, however, that there is now an internal affairs investigation. It also confirms that the Miami-Dade County state attorney has also launched a criminal investigation.In the meantime, Antoine has been placed on administrative leave.

"Have you done that in the past?" Palombo asked Antonie. "Have you threatened people in the past?"

There was no answer.

His personnel records show that since being hired in 2004, Antoine has received more than 15 commendations and positive letters. He's also been chosen as officer of the month twice.

Those same records show that he's also been reprimanded twice and suspended twice for violating various department rules, regulations and procedures.

In 2011, there was also a full internal affairs investigation into another matter. When it was over, the report stated that Antoine "utilized his police computer to access ... personal information." He was reprimanded.

"Did you use your power as an officer to find her information?" Palombo asked Antoine.

There was no response.  

Investigators aren't saying how they believe he found his latest accuser. Now, as police continue to look for answers, the woman said she is struggling to remain hidden.

"I want peace," she said. "He (abused) his power, you know. For me, it is a crime. To make me scared, unsafe (and) cry all the time!"

Antoine has not been formally charged with any crime and has not been found guilty of anything.

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