Prosecutor John Guy repeats obscenities during opening statement

Attorneys in George Zimmerman trial present opening statements

SANFORD, Fla. - Prosecutor John Guy used an expletive and an insult during opening statements Monday morning. But these weren't his words, he said, they were George Zimmerman's.

"F--- punks, these ---- they always get away."

Zimmerman's frustration after several robberies in the gated community where he lived could be heard in the recording of the call he made Feb. 26, 2013 to alert police about Trayvon Martin.

Minutes after Judge Debra Nelson admitted Zimmerman's statement into evidence, Guy referred to it as a "web of lies." His opening statement lasted about 20 minutes.

On the screams for help heard in the "bone-chilling" police recordings, Guy asked jurors to "listen carefully." The prosecutor attributed the screams to Trayvon and said he "was silenced immediately."

Guy added that on the "remarkably dark" rainy night of the fatal shooting the unarmed Miami Gardens teen went to 7-11 to buy his 12-year-old "friend" candy. He had been playing video games and being "a kid" before he left his father's girlfriend's house, Guy said. 

There were several witnesses who "got slices" of what happened. 

"You will hear from a witness who saw" Trayvon's "hands on" Zimmerman's body.

In a soft and sad tone, Guy described a police officer's attempt to "breath life into" into Trayvon and how he tried to "push life into him ... but it was too late"

Before opening statements began, Nelson asked potential witnesses to follow sequestration rules about discussing the case. Since Martin's family attorney Benjamin Crump and Zimmerman's family are potential witnesses, Nelson asked them to leave the courtroom.

Trayvon's parents were allowed to stay in the courtroom, because the law allows for the victim's family to witness the trial.

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